Welcome To The Center For Youth Development And Adult Education

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  • Vegetable garden
  • OVCs supported
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) supported
  • Training on children's rights
  • Training on children's rights


The mission of the organization is to promote and provide professional, informative, educative, material, psychosocial support to the disadvantaged group of our community.


The centre envisions to ensure the socioeconomic situation of the people living under difficult environment (among them we have refugees, internally displaced people, people living in rural areas) is upgraded, they get rid of extreme poverty and to make sure that we get a society that is education-oriented and literate.

Our Goals And Objectives

The overall goal of the organization is to fight against ignorance and poverty eradication. The objects for which the organization was formed included the following:

  • To defend and protect the women's human rights and the rights of the marginalized children and provide support to the victims of human rights violation
  • To increase employment opportunities for the youth and women in need
  • To start community managed microfinance to encourage economic development and the self-help spirit to women
  • To promote inter-cultural programs for children, young girls and women in the developing world with those in the developed world
  • Support families and victims of the natural and manmade disasters
  • To organize and train the youth and women on the reproductive health and HIV/AIDS, human rights, universally spoken languages, good governance and leadership, professional skills, peace education and conflict management, human rights and development and life skills through organized trainings, seminars, workshops, conference, and debates
  • Protect and support the orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and their caregivers
  • To conduct research in the sectors of health, child education, refugees and Internal Displaced People and youth education.
  • Support financially and materially the income generating activities undertaken by the young people and women
  • To foster and initiate the youth and adults in the adult literacy, professional careers and international languages
  • Search for scholarships for vulnerable children and young girls to benefactors
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